Hear from our employees what working at Logicalis is like

Julie Spiller, Logicalis US
 VP Vertical Solutions & Proposition Management  


Why do I love working at Logicalis?
There are two reasons I love working at Logicalis; the people and the opportunity. The people at our company are very talented, passionate about helping customers, and are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The opportunity in this industry and at Logicalis specifically is outstanding. Logicalis provides me every opportunity to grow and excel. 

What does a typical day involve at Logicalis?
My days focus a lot on working with the healthcare team on our solution development, business development, and customer engagements.

How has your career progressed at Logicalis?
I have held several positions at Logicalis since joining in 2002. I have been a Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, IBM Solutions Director, and most recently the VP of Vertical Solutions at Logicalis.

What are some of the challenges with working at Logicalis?
There is a lot to know. We sell a lot of different things and it really is not possible to be good at everything. The idea is to find your niche where you are really comfortable working with customers and leverage the team for the rest of the solutions.


 Eduardo Harada, PromonLogicalis Brazil
 Consulting Manager 



What does a typical day involve at Logicalis?
As a Computer Engineer, I love working with the latest technologies in a company with core values aligned with my beliefs (i.e. Integrity, Respect, Meritocracy, Excellence).

Logicalis offers a very dynamic and collaborative working environment. A typical day involves a lot of teamwork and constant communication to address changing priorities in time-sensitive demands from our customers.

How has your career progressed at Logicalis?
I started my career at Logicalis in 2008. In 2011, I became Coordinator and Logicalis supported me with sponsorship for my Executive MBA. In 2013, I became Consulting Manager, the position I currently hold.

What are some of the challenges working at Logicalis?    
At Logicalis, we have to learn to work in a really dynamic environment (which involves a certain level of unpredictability of our schedule).


 Gary Lomas, Logicalis UK
 Sales Director - Enterprise



Why do I love working at Logicalis?
Very simple…the people and the great things we do for our customers. When we join up our talented people with our compelling solutions and services, and align them to the client needs, Logicalis comes alive.

What does a typical day involve at Logicalis?
Being a Sales Leader, no one day looks the same. I try to manage my time to ensure I am seeing as many customers and partners/vendors as a I can. Keeping on top of our committed forecast is crucial as well as taking time to develop my team and others in Logicalis. I also leverage social tools and media to ensure we stay relevant with our customers and partners.

How has your career progressed at Logicalis?
I joined Logicalis UK in 2006 as a Sales Executive with a strong focus on IBM. I had success in leveraging the wider Logicalis UK and Global portfolio and secured a significant win for Logicalis UK supported by Logicalis US and Asia Pacific. I progressed to a Client Director and worked in our Major Accounts team before taking up the position of Sales Director Key Accounts in 2013. Logicalis UK has recently gone through a significant sales restructure to create a vertical and industry aligned sales team and from 2017 I became responsible for our Enterprise Sales Team focusing on Retail, Manufacturing, Construction plus others. 

What are some of the challenges working at Logicalis?    
Change has been constant during my career at Logicalis. Whilst change is good, it can also be unsettling for some individuals and can therefore hold up progress. International business and the process related to it is getting better but I still feel our international capabilities are under leveraged. Our competition has changed considerably over the last 10 years and I see more change in this space, making life for us even more challenging but also more exciting as well.